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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 9, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PST

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>> new this morning, important information for your safety. we'll tell you about a warning for women at a popular east bay park. >> some popular cal sports teams on the chopping block will learn whether they will be allowed to play ball. we'll have that story coming up and tell you what may have changed. >> students eating marijuana brownies at school. who police think is behind the illegal bake sale. plus, christina looks at a cooldown. this is "today in the east bay."
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>> good morning. i'm scott mcgrew. let's go to christina loren and the chilly forecast. >> good morning to you. we're looking so good this morning. except for the places that have the 30s to contend with. 37 degrees in santa rosa, 50 in san francisco, 42 in san mateo, and 31 degrees in gilroy. i do believe that gilroy, napa and santa rosa will see temperatures at or near freezing. we've got clear skies out there. that's a good thing because we need those clear skies for a beautiful sunny day later on today. but take a look at something that's been absent from the forecast. it is back, the marine layer. it's not going to reach the coast. it's pushing back out to sea as high pressure is still in control. that means for us, temperatures right around 60 degrees today, you'll need the sunglasses but there's big time changes on the way. we've got a big system on the
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way. you want to know what's on the roads. >> there you go. talking about cooling down and chilling out. we have folks on the side of the road. eastbound highway 4, there was an earlier accident, no injuries but it is bay point over to pittsburg and antioch. we expect about a 30-mile-per-hour route off of the antioch bridge in about an hour. no traffic control overnight, no construction there or for 580 through livermore so a 14-minute drive in, no major issues including the wind which is calmer out of the altamont pass. you head south use stone ridge past the mall. back to you. >> fair enough. a warning for women headed to lake merritt for an early morning run. another woman was attacked near the popular park. four women assaulted in five months in that area is one person responsible for them all?
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investigators say they are looking into that possibility. back in september, two women were robbed and sexually assaulted on 19 near lake merritt. mid january a woman is assaulted while walking home. monday night another attack. cheryl hurd has the latest. >> reporter: wendy and her son walk down ninth street to catch the bart train home. >> not so many here. it's kind of quiet. for me i feel safety. >> reporter: that was violated tuesday when police say a man sexually assault add woman in the 800 block of jackson street as she was walking home. >> as she returned to her apartment complex, she was followed by a suspect who was not known to her and she was sexually assaulted in the common areas of the apartment complex. >> and she was beaten. neighbors recalling screams. one woman careful to shield her identi
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identity. >> i have to be cautious all the time. i'm not going to stop walking. >> reporter: police are continuing to investigate two sexual assaults on women. one happened in november, the other in january. two happened in september on the same day. but police don't think they are looking for one man. >> the suspect's method of operation appears different. the motivation in the other one appears to be mainly focused on robbery, that's different here and it's also on the other side of the lake. the others were off lake shore avenue. >> reporter: police officers are walking the beat. they want women to be on alert. >> i cannot be afraid of my environment. this is my neighborhood. i have to take control of my neighborhood. >> reporter: in oakland, cheryl hurd, today in the bay. >> one of the bay area's storied sports programs is down to its final out. leaders at cal will decide the future of the baseball and several other teams tomorrow. today in the east bay's christie smith is live in berkeley with
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that. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, scott. no surprise here, this comes down to money or lack of it. but cal decided to go against reducing sports across the board and they decided to look at eliminating four teams and demoting one. now that we're getting close to a decision it looks like the university may be reversing course. the chancellor prepares to announce whether baseball, men's and women's gymnastics, lacrosse, might be reinstate after a decision to cut them. men's rugby hoping to avoid being considered a varsity club sport. reducing the teams was expected to save. supporters are saying hey, we raised about $15 million which could allow the teams to play ball until a permanent solution is found. there's also the issue looming of title 9, the federal gender equity law and eliminating two women's teams would put cal out of compliance.
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for now, though, it looks like creative financing is the key. cal originally said they needed around $80 million to reinstate the teams. they have lowered that to $25 million, the chancellor expected to reveal tomorrow which of the teams will be reinstated. that's the latest from here. live at uc-berkeley, christie smith, "today in the east bay." >> thank you. students at an east bay school in danger. someone is giving drugs to kids disguised as dessert. the albany district investigating four instances in two weeks, a total of six students ate marijuana-laced brownies. two had reactions that landed them in the hospital. parents who see albany as a safe district are shocked. >> it's kind of alarming, actually. how did they get there? what are they doing there? no, i think it's crazy. >> police are looking into who is supplying the marijuana
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brownies. the principal at albany high school thinks the student is providing this. he sent out a message we plead with the students engaged in the sale or distribution of drugs to cease and desist. >> after months of talk we finally know the future for several mt. diablo schools. glenn brook, holbrook and concord will shut down at the end of the school year. board members say the closures are necessary to save the district $1.5 million a year. originally the board said it was going to close three schools to close the budget gap. sequoia and middle in pleasant hill were considered for closure along with monty gardens elementary in concord. those were spared. the district is made up of 56 schools and education centers. >> this morning hercules on the verge of making history with what's believed to be the first recall of elected leaders.
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organizers turned in signatures from nearly 6,000 people yesterday demanding the recall of the city's acting mayor and city council member. it comes after accusations of mismanaged money including bad development deals. newly installed mayor joann mayor is fighting the recall and don keen says his record is misrepresent misrepresented. if signatures are verified voters will decide the fate of the leaders in a june recall election. >> neglecting to pay your traffic ticket in berkeley will no longer mean your car will end up in a tow yard. the council voted to put a boot on cars with unpaid tickets. that will eliminate the headache of getting your car back. the device will be placed on a car's wheel when the owner has five or more unpaid tickets. when the tickets are paid for the owner gets the code to unlock the boot. >> antioch looking for a few
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good men and women to speed up and step up, rather, and volunteer, including graffiti abasement, neighborhood watch and habitat for humanity. check out the city's website. it's looking for help because it is cash strapped and wants to continue to provide services. >> in my walk to the car very cold but beautiful stars. good morning, christina. >> the east bay is chilly. we lost a lot of the wind so that's good. you don't have to deal with as much of a windchill factor. still breezy in the east bay. and the 30s are back. make sure you bring a jacket. it will be mild today but lots of sunshine, fair skies so keep those sunglasses handy for the drive to work. no fog out there this morning. warmest conditions today over the peninsula. we'll see a nice day today. because we're starting out warm along the peninsula that's where we'll see the warmest temperature. san francisco at 50 degrees, 42 in san mateo. 37 degrees in santa rosa and 34
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in gilroy. i think down to the 20s before we head into the next hour. so a cold morning, much colder than yesterday morning by about 15 degrees. this afternoon, temperatures are going to stay on the mild side. lots of sunshine, though, as high pressure has regained control. we had a little trough pass through the area yesterday. that kept things cool but today it will be warm. 62 degrees in los gatos. 65 in redwood city. east bay temperatures are going to rang from 60 to 67 in concord. 68 if you are headed up to the north bay in napa today. your extended forecast is coming up. maybe you're headed to work right now. good morning, mike inouye. >> we're here so where are you? you're watching our show. thank you. the overnight construction, folks working there. that's sure to pick up for the eastbound direction heading over in toward 880 off highway 84 from the peninsula side. westbound off 880 itself, you have a smooth drive out of the east bay. likewise for the approach to 92,
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no construction zone this morning so all lanes are open across the san mateo bridge. the camera steadier than yesterday, too. winds calmer but you might get a gust or two. our live look at oakland we had construction around 66 but i don't see lanes blocked so that's good news as well. >> mike, thank you much. composting, recycling, the lack of trash in one bay area family will blow your mind. it's an attempt live with zero waste. we'll show you how they do it. a dallas disaster, snow and ice tear holes in the roof of cowboy stadium. we'll show you how bad the damage is. and deciding on what to eat for breakfast. one of the healthy options and why the government is giving it a stamp of approval. 3q
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and encourage others to do the same. take the go red heart check up. find out your ten year risk for heart disease or stroke learn how to make small simple changes to reduce your risk and change your life. speak up to save lives. log on to find out how you can prevent heart disease. >> you are looking at a live picture of oakland, the wind certainly has calmed down. we'll check in with christina. a family in mill valley is taking recycling to the next level. what is zero waste? see for yourself. vicki shows us. >> reporter: reduce, reuse, and recycle. three r's as familiar as
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reading, writing and arithmetic. it's the fourth r that is a revamp of the johnson family's lifestyle. refuse. >> if you stop trash from entering your home. >> reporter: refusing to buy, refusing to use and refusing to accept anything that will end up in the trash. >> i would say we just don't really bring any home so. >> reporter: you don't have to throw it away. >> reporter: starting with small changes now her family of four no longer needs trash service. this is how much garbage they produce in four months. >> this is the trash. >> reporter: it's living as close to zero waste as possible. the term is used in manufacturing where companies strive to eliminate waste. here meat goes from the counter to a jar. >> fish, cheese, chicken, bacon. >> reporter: and she refills cloth sacks with grains and produce. >> i was afraid i would be eating granola all the time.
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>> reporter: scott says the variety surprised him but the savings made him a believer. the family buys less. makes more. >> home made. >> and eats healthier. it started four years ago when the johnsons downsized from a 3,000 square foot home into a space half the size. they purged everything that didn't fit realizing they could live with less. much less. no cotton balls. no paper towels. >> no. >> it's amazing how much money. >> reporter: they haven't given up everything that makes them happy. they reduced the number of things it takes to be happy. >> people say why don't you stop makeup. then i would be miserable and is life worth living? i don't think so. >> reporter: they recycle. >> in one week we fill one of these. >> reporter: and compost collecting every scrap in the house.
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>> there's bunch of red worms in there and they compost the waste. >> reporter: the lifestyle simple as it is has attracted detractors too. people who say all the effort that goes into living without waste is like living without living. the haters surfaced after she started a home blog. it became a magnet for anonymous attackers accusing them of being too extreme. but for baya the idea of whittling away waste. >> i'm doing it for my kids' future. >> reporter: means all of the r's makes life richer. vicki nguyen, nbc bay area news. >> the johnsons cut their grocery bills by a quarter. you can learn at zero waste home blog on our website, think about this as we head into valentine's day, researchers in arizona state say it's possible
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to experience what they call material possession love, that's when you spend more time and money on your stuff like your gadgets than you would on a significant other. objects likely to fall in the category are guns, bicycles, cars and computers. let's turn to nicole. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. i'm not sure how to take that with that in mind. i don't spend more on guns but i hope i do get more than that in a valentine's day. a girl can only dream. right. futures are a touch lower after wall street put off another day of pretty decent gains yesterday. the dow closed higher seven straight sessions, investors look china's interest rate in stride instead of focusing what positive earnings are worth, mcdonald's posting higher. asian markets were down. europe a mixed bag. no big economic data.
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coke came out with strong numbers so that could drive us. ben bernanke testifying at 10:00 in the morning and wall street will be watching that. the dow rising 71 points yesterday to 12,233, the nasdaq was up 13 to 2797. airlines are raising fares yet again. don't shoot the messenger. united and continental are hiking by 20 to soyx bucks for first class and instant upgrade. delta and american have matched the increase, analysts say fare hikes are aimed at business travelers who are less likely to cancel trips because of higher prices. scott, this isn't your momma's minivan. it's the man van. it's a tripped out minivan, a leather wrapped steering wheel. the system features nine
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speaker, dodge wants to tap into an american consumer who wants to buy stuff based on lifestyles. the man van, you know you are very concerned about this, hits the showrooms in april. it starts at 30 grand. i don't know if you're going to be first in line. >> never. >> never the minivan. >> that was definitive. even a man van? it's a manny van. >> all right. nicole. i drive sort of a man van but we call at ford flex. >> yeah. ford flex is a pretty nice automobile but i would like to see you roll 18 tripped out manny van. we're looking clear and cold this morning. if you drive a man van or maybe a honda accord, no matter what you drive you need the heater. 30s are back and they are widespread. it's a cold morning. the warmest conditions will be over the peninsula, the pacific ocean moderating temperatures. it looks like san francisco the warmer city.
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san mateo as well. they are starting out warm. 37 in santa rosa. let me show you what's on the way. we have been waiting for the rain and we have a rainmaker approaching our coast rapidly. we have a little marine layer here. doesn't look like it's going to push on shore so we don't have to worry about fog. here it is, take a look at this system, a powerful system. it's going to take place for us, move over the area as we head into the latter part of monday into tuesday. we could pick up to an inch of rain in some cities. we're really watching the system and the more i look at it the more impressive it has become. rain is back in the forecast today, though. not a cloud in sight. one of those days, a few high wispy clouds. 67 in concord and 61 degrees in fairfield. grab that jacket but you'll probably be putting on the shades and taking off a layer. let's find out what's happening on the roadways with mike inouye. >> good morning. good note about the shades for later on. right now we'll get a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza.
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the only light there for the headlights. you might expect at the toll plaza very early, next half hour things will pick up down the east shore freeway which you can see in this shot. we'll show you on the maps, the travel time off the carquinez bridge is 18 minutes so no problems, and coming off the carquinez brej. both of these reporting no advisories. you might get a gust of wind. it's breezy but not as much as yesterday. the accident reported for eastbound highway 4 is cleared from the road. antioch not showing slowing. 67 on the right, that will be 27 in about a half hour. we'll watch for things to change and they change quickly there. >> mike, thanks. the damage of falling ice and snow caused at the stadium that hosted the super bowl worse than first thought. when chunks started sliding off the stadium they tore holes in the roof. now crews are racing against this next round of winter weather in texas to get it patched. kevin coakley has the story.
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>> reporter: workers in dallas which built the roof on cowboy stadium returned with shovels to clear away the rest of the ice and snow and begin repairing the damage caused by it. >> when the ice came down and hit this wall some splintered off and -- this is ironically called the low roof. it's not low if you're up there. but that low roof does have my understanding has damage. >> reporter: workers on the lower roof used heat guns and roofing material to patch several dozen holes causing water leaks, most on the south side of the stadium. >> this is a small sample of a similar product. not what's on cowboy stadium. >> reporter: the process is like that used to repair damage to similar rooftop material. >> finding the holes and the leaks and taking patches of similar material and taking the hot air welders and welding around the perimeter of the patches. once the two are married together they are not only as strong as the original product
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they are twice as strong. >> reporter: repairing the huge gash will have to wait until warmer weather. >> still perfectly good roof. you can have patches all over. as long as the seams are welded properly. >> the issue is that the stadium didn't expect much slow at all. let's look at what's coming up later in the bay. we say good morning to brent cannon. >> good morning. we're going to look at a controversial plan that could bring former detainees at guilt mo bay into the bay area. plus millions of dollars for high speed rail are ready to be spent in northern california. the plan is far from full speed ahead. and bob redell will look at how funding might derail. that's coming up at the top of the hour. those and the latest on the death of that half marathon runner. we have new information from the firefighters who were there when the man collapsed. they happened to be running in the race as he died. what they have to say coming up in a few more minutes on "today
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in the bay." >> a new report says that eggs may not be as bad as thought. the u.s. department of agriculture says they are lower in cholesterol and higher in vitamin d than what was previously reported a decade ago. they point to chickens feeding on a healthier diet. but, officials say eat in moderation, a single egg still has 186 milligrams of cholesterol. >> a new study out says that having a lonely heart might have long term consequences. it found social activities or lack thereof can impact overall health. researchers looked at 100 adults and found that genes that are overexpressed in lonely people can cause the body to trigger an inflammatory response. that could contribute to health problems over time. yesterday we talked about baby pandas, today tiny antelopes. the san diego zoo getting ready for a royal antelope born at the zoo's vet staff caring for it
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until he's strong enough to join the herd next week. the calf gets five feedings a day. the royal antelope is the smallest kind of antelope and native to west africa. >> he did it for her, president obama kicked the habit. the first lady says her husband hasn't had a cigarette in more than a year. the president says one of the deals he made with his wife for her blessing to run for president that he quit smoking for good so he is president and finally he is a nonsmoker. coming up the alameda county district attorney's office decides whether to charge the police officers who shot and killed a popular barber last year. plus, feeling cramped at work? we'll tell you what is behind the shrinking american cubicle. brent and law are will come up on the back side of this break.
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>> new this morning, what pg&e says about another pipe in northern california like the one that exploded in san bruno. >> and the bay area city that likes to get people talking could soon welcome tortured terror suspects. good morning. i'm marla tellez. why berkeley may become home to former git-mo detainees. coming up in


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